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Technology involving patent rights held by Keio University. For further information, please inquire at the KLL Desk.
Research Project at Keio Innovation Foundry (KIF) as one of Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology 75th Anniversary Commemorative Project.

Other Fields

Other Fields
Experience Design
- Apply psychology to new products & services -
Associate Professor NAKANISHI, Miwa
Department of Administration Engineering
Our hand size is around 7 inches, and our capacity of short-term memory is 5 to 9 items. Just like these physical and cognitive characteristics, we humans have the common characteristics in the psychological aspect. Nakanishi-lab is developing methods to design new products and services that realize high-quality experiences for our life.
Other Fields
Dynamic Actuator
Associate Professor KATSURA, Seiichiro
Department of System Design Engineering
This technology attains fast and dynamic outputs by considering a mechanical structure of an actuator. It is possible to transmit the electric power to the mechanical power with high efficiency. Thus high speed, high torque, and high back drivability are attained. The dynamic actuator realizes performance improvement of a robot that is used in contact tasks.
Other Fields
Thermo Film
Associate Professor KATSURA, Seiichiro
Department of System Design Engineering
“Thermo film” is a flexible device that can render thermal sensation based on thermal-electrical transformation. Since the device is thin and flexible, it is possible to change the structure. Thus the device will be applied to a wearable and cellular interfaces.