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Technology involving patent rights held by Keio University. For further information, please inquire at the KLL Desk.
Research Project at Keio Innovation Foundry (KIF) as one of Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology 75th Anniversary Commemorative Project.


Development of Easy, Reliable, and Intelligent High-Precision Machining System for Complexly Shaped Part Using Milling-Turning Machine Tool with Multi-Turrets
Professor AOYAMA, Hideki
Associate Professor KAKINUMA, Yasuhiro
Department of System Design Engineering
The objective of this project is to develop a turning-milling machine tools which are easy usage for high accuracy and high efficiency. For this objective, the following technologies will be developed; (a) a technology to determine the optimum process plan and to generate the NC program, (b) a technology to accurately estimate cutting force based on servo information, (c) a technology to automatically make the optimum cutting condition by identifying cutting state based on process models.
Information and Communication
The secure access control schemes
towards realization of IoT with high reliability
Professor SASASE, Iwao
Department of Information and Computer Science
The research results about routing, media access control, and attack defense which fill power saving, high reliability and high security are shown towards realization of IoT (Internet of Things).
Device Design and International Standardization Activities
for Organic Transistors based on Charge Carrier Doping
Associate Professor NODA, Kei
Professor AWANO, Yuji
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
In this group, carrier doping for device designs in organic transistors have been intensely studied by using both device simulation and experimental methods. The research and development toward international standardization on characterization techniques for organic transistors is also going on. This study was partly supported by the Joint R&D Project of International Standards funded by METI.
Information and Communication
Study of Energy Efficient Virtual Link Resource Allocation Approach for Network Virtualization Environment
Professor YAMANAKA, Naoaki
Department of Information and Computer Science
Energy consumption has been a critical issue for network virtualization environment (NVE). We focus on the data switching energy consumption on NVE, and study a dynamic virtual network resource allocation approach to reduce data switching energy consumption and moreover no impact on quality of service and end user experience.
The development of microthermofluidic device
for life science research
Associate Professor TAGUCHI, Yoshihiro
Associate Professor SUDO, Ryo
Department of System Design Engineering
This project develops microthermofluidic devices for life science research by the integration of microfluidic devices, which have been developed from the standpoint of bioengineering and bioMEMS, and micro-optical detection systems, which have been developed from the standpoint of thermal engineering and optical MEMS.
Cell Cultivation Technology using Ultrasonic Vibration
Associate Professor TAKEMURA, Kenjiro
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Regenerative medicine requires a novel cell cultivation technology. Our research group aims to develop such cell cultivation technology using ultrasonic vibration. We will introduce an effective cell collection method using resonance vibration of cultivation base, and enzyme free cell detachment method.
UV/ozone surface modification of cell culture substrate
for iPS cells
Associate Professor MIYATA, Shogo
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Our laboratory develops cell culture substrate using UV/ozone surface modification technique. We introduce the cell culture substrate that promote iPS cell adhesion and proliferation, and the substrate for evaluation of stem cell pluripotency.
Information and Communication
A Reconfigurable Hardware for
Integrating Various Structured Storage Technologies
Assistant Professor MATSUTANI, Hiroki
Department of Information and Computer Science
We are developing FPGA-based hardware accelerators for various NOSQL storages that cover key-value store, column store, and graph database.