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Outline of Application for KLL 2021 Ph.D. Program Research Grant


1. Objectives

The objectives of the KLL PhD. Program Research Grant are, by financially supporting Ph.D. students’ research activities, to promote groundbreaking research and to foster exceptional researchers in the Graduate School of Science and Technology, who will lead society for generations to come.

2. Grant amount (expected)

¥200,000 to ¥300,000 per year

3. Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants are the students enrolled in the Ph.D. Program at the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, at the time of application.

  • ・Students in the Doctoral Program for Career Professionals are also eligible to apply.
  • ・Grants can be provided up to three times, once during the academic year, and during the applicant’s enrollment in the Ph.D. Program.

Note that you are NOT eligible if falling under any of the following categories:

《Ineligible categories》

  • (1)Special researchers under the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)’s Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, project researchers and research Associate (Non-tenured/ Research Assistant) of Keio University.
  • (2)Researchers paid by the government or the like, such as RAs who are not allowed to receive other funding than the source of funding by its rules and regulations.
4. Important reminder
  • (1)You may concurrently receive grants from the Research Grant for Ph.D. Program and from the Keio University Graduate School Doctoral Student Aid Program (administered by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) Head Office), but they CANNOT apply for both for the same topic of research.
  • (2)This is a “research grant,” not a scholarship. The grant is limited to use for research-related activities only (including computer hardware, computer software, books, registration fees for participation in academic conference, and research travel expenses that are directly necessary to perform research activities). For details, refer to the “Procedures for Creating Accounting Report.”
  • (3)The grant recipient must reimburse the amount in full whenever any violation is found.
5. How to apply and result notification

Apply through the digital application form at the following log-in page.

  • (1)In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the application procedure is only electronic application. Please be sure to obtain the consent of your research advisor before applying electronically. The electronic application form and the reception email sent from the system will prompt you to submit the original application form with your seal and your advisor's signature, but you do not need to submit it.
  • (2)If anything unclear concerning the application for the grant, refer to the application system manual. If the manual does not answer your questions or address your concerns, consult the KLL Office. For inquiries about “” system, contact the Help Desk at

KLL research grant application manual (Detail)*Japanese (Simple)*English

6. Application period :

From 13:00, Friday, April 30 to 13:00, Friday, May 14, 2021. (No late applications accepted.)

7. Screening, notification of screening results, and provision of grants

The KLL steering committee will screen all applications. Each applicant will be notified of the result by the end of June 2021 via e-mail address written on the grant application. Grants will be paid out in late July.

8. Reporting

All grant recipients must submit a report of their respective research results and an accounting report (using the designated forms) to the KLL Office by Thursday, February 17, 2022. Failure to submit the reports by the deadline may result in a request for reimbursement of the grant and/or your disqualification from the grant application in subsequent academic years. Also remember to attach receipts addressed to the grant recipient to the “Accounting Report.”

9. Inquiries

KLL Office (3rd floor, Sosokan Bldg. 14-309)
Office Hours: Mon.‐Fri. (excluding National Holidays), 9:00‐16:30 (close at 11:30-12:30)